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Sunday, March 22nd

Surrey Vegan Market @ Epson (KT19 8BA)

Sunday, March 22nd

Farmers Market @ Wimbledon Chase (SW19 8EJ)


Our baked goods


The Käsekuchen (Cheesecake) is one of my basics, you will get one on every market I attend (unless you are late and it’s sold out). The traditional Käsekuchen does not contain cheese although it’s called a cheesecake, but normally it has quark, cream and sour cream - in my vegan version it contains an Alpro quark alterative and Alpro Custard instead.


The traditional german Nussecke (Nut corner) is another one of my basics and I always bake them in triangles. It is a cookiedough covered with mixed nuts, there is chocolate on all sides. My vegan version of course has no eggs, dairy-free chocolate and agave sirup instead of honey.


The Bee Sting is a classic of german baking. A legend says it was invented in 1474 in the city of Andernach. After successfully repelling raiders from a neighbouring village by throwing beehives at them, they celebrated with a Bienenstich. Usually it contains a vanilla buttercream filling and honey is added to a nut top. My vegan version does contain a dairy-free vanilla custard filling and agave sirup.

Bratwurst Roll 

The vegan version of a german classic: the Bratwurst. A vegan sausage based on Soya protein in a vegan braided roll. For the best taste I fry the vegan sausages first, before baking the Bratwurst rolls.


Every German eats 22kg of apples a year, its only natural that the Apfelkuchen (apple cake) is also one of the most popular cakes in Germany. My vegan Apfelkuchen is a sandbase fluffy cake with organic Apples inside and on top.


Baking with crumbles has a long tradition, an early newspaper article from 1584 already mentions two bakers eating „Streusselen“ in the city of Meissen. Popular all over Germany the Streuseltaler (Crumble Coin) is usually made with a yeast dough containing milk and eggs. In my vegan version the traditional Steuseltaler contains soyamilk, no eggs and mixed fruits.


The Guglehupf is famous for its special shape. Its known that already the Romans produced cakes with the particular Guglhupf look. Very famous in Southern Germany and in its neighbour countries Austria and Switzerland. My vegan Guglhupf is a two coloured cake, it contains rum and comes with an icing powder coating.


The Käsestange (Cheese Twist) is one of my savoury treats I do offer my costumers on every market. It is a twisted pizza made from pastry and it contains dairyfree cheese and also dried onions.


The Brezel with its famous twisted knot shape is the common emblem of the bakers guilt in Germany. The secret of its brown colour and the unique taste is food grade sodium hydroxie (lye). Toxic at production it changes its chemical composition while baking. Numerous legends try to explain when the Pretzel was invented, reaching back as far as to European monks and the year 610 AD.

Schoko Muffin

My vegan and gluten free option. The Schoko Muffin contains rice and potato flour and is made with coconut oil. It got a rich taste of chocolate and coconut.


A yeast dough filled with a marzipan raisin mixture. The German name Schnecke describes its shape of a snail shell. You find Schnecken in most bakeries in Germany, so I also sell a vegan version of that classic.


A small vegan cookie dough mountain filled with surprises. In Germany it is called the Granatsplitter as it contains smooth dough but also pieces of cookies. Although kids love the chocolate coating it is more an adult treat as it contains rum.


A classic all over the world and of course also in Germany: a cupcake. The kids favourite with its vegan dough, vanilla icing and a seasonal topping. In Pride month I add a rainbow icing and rainbow colours in the dough.


Another classic of german baking that I already ate at my grandmothers house. Of course it contains apples, I add cinnamon, raisin and rum. It is a pastry with an apple mixture filling, baked like a pie.

Traditional german Sour-Doug Bread

with vegan Toppings

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Meet the Baker

My name is Chris, I am 31 years old, german and live in London since 2014. I am a baker for my whole working life and have nearly 15 years of experience in baking all kinds of goods.

In 2017 I started wondering about our planet, about all living beings and about health, I watched a lot documentaries, read a lot and couldn't identify myself anymore playing an active role in making the earth getting worse. I wanted to make a change and the first step is: change the person you see in the mirror! I became a vegetarian, but only after 2 month I became vegan as I figured out that it is not that hard at all to find something to eat and live a healthy lifestyle as vegan. Still I feel totally brilliant, fit, healthy, powerful, have lots of energy and love to identify myself in NOT being part of making the world worse, NOT supporting animal abuse. With the statement: Be kind to every kind. The only thing I missed sometimes were all the german traditional baked goods, in the past I always baked them in the old traditional way. So I decided to get active: I changed all my recipes, experimented, tried new vegan raw ingredients, and everything I bake is vegan now. Sometimes it is hard to find a yummy treat, then you find something, read the ingredients and of course it isn't vegan. I was tired of this situation and so I contribute my part and make the world a little bit more vegan now myself! 


In 2006 I started my professional life as a baker, only 16 years young and just after finishing school. I successfully passed my trade test in 2008 and continued working in the same bakery I leaned all the basics. I did get a higher responsible assignment, but for me that wasn't enough, I had big dreams and so I worked to achieve the next big step: being a master baker. In 2010 I started visiting the very first professional bakers school Olpe, Germany and learned everything about baking, raw materials, compositions, microorganism, scientific experimentations, just everything you need to know as a master baker. The clues and know how I learned at school are always helpful to get satisfaction and a better quality result. In 2011 I received my master baker degree. Still in the same bakery I took over a manager assignment until 2014. Time passed and I had the feeling I need another change. I was always a person that loved big steps, uncommonly, extraordinary, never copied someone else. I always loved London and always wanted to live there... so The day came! In the beginning I applied in a german bakery and got a job. I worked there for almost 2 years until I had another dream: starting my own business, baking and then meeting my own customers, deciding myself what to bake and how to bake it: VEGAN! Also I loved the flexibility of baking and spending time with the most important part in all our lives: the family. I can easily say that right now I love baking more than ever!

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